[course notes] Build a Video Chat App with Twilio and Gatsby with Jason!

Hi all,

I’ve been really enjoying working through Jason’s course on building a Video Chat App.

I’m keeping my notes here is they are useful to anyone.



I love that you are using Roam! I’ve been using it for a month or so now and its totally changed my note taking process.

Great stuff @kevin1! Thanks for sharing.

As Ian mentions, we are using Roam a lot around egghead as well. It’s interesting to see it used like this and is similar to how I use it for books/research in general.

It’s extremely interesting over time as you start to connect concepts!

It took me a while to be convinced to move away from Notion but I think the speed and ease of connecting topics is amazing. Notion’s power adds a level of complexity that for ‘slip-box’ kind of information gathering and connecting just isn’t necessary.\

Glad to find a Roam loving crowd :slight_smile: