[course notes] Build a Video Chat App with Twilio and Gatsby with Jason!

Hi all,

I’ve been really enjoying working through Jason’s course on building a Video Chat App.

I’m keeping my notes here is they are useful to anyone.



I love that you are using Roam! I’ve been using it for a month or so now and its totally changed my note taking process.

Great stuff @dolearning! Thanks for sharing.

As Ian mentions, we are using Roam a lot around egghead as well. It’s interesting to see it used like this and is similar to how I use it for books/research in general.

It’s extremely interesting over time as you start to connect concepts!

It took me a while to be convinced to move away from Notion but I think the speed and ease of connecting topics is amazing. Notion’s power adds a level of complexity that for ‘slip-box’ kind of information gathering and connecting just isn’t necessary.\

Glad to find a Roam loving crowd :slight_smile:

Hey all,

I finished my first run through of the notes in Roam but also moved them over to Github.

If you take the course, have better insights or resources that can be added in at key points please add create some PRs to make these notes more useful and meaningful.