Check out this great Intro to Svelte! by Dave Ceddia

@dave Is known for his great educational resources on React!

He also has a great Introduction to Svelte on his blog! He’ll walk you through building a grocery list app!

He even talks about how he feels it compares to React!

Click the link and read his post! :point_down:t5::point_down:t5:


This actually looks so good. Is anyone working on something open source in Svelte? I might join in haha.


Oh hey thanks Will!

Svelte is awesome. I’ve been working on a few small projects with it and it’s really nice to work with, feels very fast.

There are a few gotchas if you’re used to thinking in React. Nothing too bad though, just a few patterns to remember. I’m probably not doing things the “Svelte way” either but the great thing is it doesn’t matter too much :smile: You can wire up something that works without knowing a ton of best practices.

I was just playing around with Svelte’s “store” features yesterday, they make it really easy to share state across components and regular JS files too.

I highly recommend going through their official tutorial, it’s interactive and very well done:

And @tlakomy90 has a great intro on egghead!