Cats and Code

Hello people!

My friend is developing a Kitty API (I may or may not have put him up to it lol) and I am helping to collect cat pictures. Now I didn’t want just get random internet cats, I would like cats from people that want to have their cats shared.

The requirements are:
A cat picture (or 10)
Kitty Name:
Mood you believe pic inspires (happy, hyper, comforting, or mischievous):
Your github name:
Optional: A little Bio about your cat.

Anything else you my like to add.

then send it to this repo

If you have a cat, please be part of this with us!!!
If you don’t… SHARE :smiley:

thank you!:cat2::cat2::cat2::cat2::cat2:


This is Little Dragon (named after the band).

We don’t get much natural sunlight in our house, but when we do she takes full advantage!

My github name is tayiorbeii