Build your own low poly 3D Paper Eggo!

As part of my research into creating a new side business I went through the process of creating the printable template for constructing a 3D egghead icon, Eggo.

You can see my first attempt here -

I used a Brother Scanncut for doing prototypes - but you can create your own version using this PDF template. If you print it onto card - approx 200gsm and then use a craft knife to cut out the parts.

The red lines are the fold lines so they need scoring. For glue I recommend a tacky PVA glue.

PDF Template

My aim is to eventually produce laser cut kits of animals, things like Owls, sharks, cats, that sort of thing. You can buy lots of templates on Etsy but not many people offer a ready to go kit.


This really cool Mark, I would love to have one of these sitting on my desk!

This is so cool, thanks for sharing @markbarton :pray:

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I just need to get better at using blender. 3D modelling software is so alien!

my favorite polygon editor is

Thanks Joel I will have to check it out - ironically I actually need to reduce the number of polygons - I brought these models as the basis and I plan to try and reduce the polygons - - its going to be a fine line between losing what makes an animal recognisable and what makes it too complex to create a paper model.

I will try that wings3d else will revert to blender.

That wings3d is excellent, though the mouse camera controls are going to take a bit of work :wink:

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