Bonjour, Hello from Montreal, I'm Constant

Hi all,

I’m a front-end developer at Cirque du Soleil in Montreal Canada. One more second career dev too. I used to work as an engineer in environmental fields. But I just love solving problems every day and nudging pixels. Maybe one day I will be able to join the two fields.

What’s your current stack? A lot of Vue. Vue at work, Gridsome for sides project but also 11ty lately. Sass at work, PostCss at home.
What are you learning right now? State Machine, Vue3 and Perf optimisation
What are you working on? Cirque du Soleil Group domains
What’s your current side project? Own blog + 2 artists porfolios
Where do you live? Montreal
Share a picture of your favorite pet! I don’t have one :frowning:


I’ve always wondered, how the work inside a creative agency would be. The digital experience needs to match the actual thing and that is a high bar.