Web Developer storytelling out of San Diego, California

Hi, my name is Mark. I’ve been working professionally as a web developer since 2009. I got started by making tiny HTML snippets for pay per click ads and my responsibilities have grown tremendously since then. I’ve got my gripes about this profession, rest assured. I’ve had my headaches from working with Prototype and Scriptaculous, mucked with no conflicting that alongside jQuery, been weary about what’s really inside of npm packages and I’ve been through my fair share of browser wars too.

I remember when things were perfect at 960 wide, only to have this thing called Responsive Web Design take foot. Then came progressive web apps and a gnarl y series of coin flips on if I should use React, Vue, Angular.

That said, the evolution continues and my enthusiasm remains. I’m doing what I can one keystroke at a time and I’m good with that. Recording out of North County San Diego, I’m here to help put my city’s digital savants on the forefront, talk tech and find the proper moments of rest before burnout becomes a reality. So sit back and enjoy these next few minutes and welcome to AllWebSD.