Ahoj! I'm Stephen from Chitown!

:wave: Ahoj! I’m Stephen!

I live in Chicago with my wife and puppy. I have the privilege of being an engineer – currently working in an event-driven / serverless world, mostly scripting with Python. Previously, I did mostly front-end work with React. My personal site https://stephencharlesweiss.com/ is built with Gatsby - which has been a nice introduction to GraphQL.

I have more projects than time, unfortunately, but I’m currently pushing forward on a personal project that will help me with gratitude (like https://stephencharlesweiss.com/list/onething/)… but more automagically.

Work is “forcing” (but in the best possible way) me to learn Python and potentially PhP, so that’s what I’m learning right now. The next thing I want to learn on my own is probably Vue (I want a comparison point to React - which is basically the only way I know how to build UIs right now).

On my desk are several photos of loved ones and a note asking “What are you learning today?” To that question, I try to write something daily on my blog – so far I’ve managed 100% for the year (how amazing is this world that there’s always something to learn?).

Looking forward to joining y’all in this amazing journey.


P.S. Ahoj is one of my favorite greetings – it’s “hello” in Czech and makes me feel like a pirate every timeI say it. I spent six lovely months there and despite my best efforts am yet another American who left knowing only a few courtesies and how to order another beer (which is ‘Ještě jedno pivo prosím’ :wink: )

This is Finn. He’s ~3 years old but likes to sit like he’s 90.


Well hey there bud!

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