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My name is Quinn, I am a Flatiron School graduate looking for my first software engineering job!

I like to work across the stack but currently I’m heavily into learning about Javascript, React, CSS, and NodeJS. I’m currently learning about Observables, Generators and Iterators in depth.

I’ve been working on bettering two projects I’ve already made: a Simon Says replica and a Quizlet replica.

I am a huge fan of cats!

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working mostly with Node, React, TypeScript, JS, CSS and HTML.

I’m trying to master front end better all the time and moving towards more full-stack by learning more about databases and other programming languages.

I currently work with Design and Development Systems and try to make time for side projects and more learning. I live in Finland. I’m looking forward to learn a lot of new skills.

Hi, my name is Jonas and I work as a front-end developer. I mostly work with React and Node in the Fin-tech/Insurance domain. I live and work in Stockholm - Sweden. Currently on parental leave but starting a new job in september. Right now learning accessibility and getting more in depth knowledge about functional programming. Have plans on also learning more about DataViz and webGL.

Hi , I am Shantanu,
Native Android Developer.
Currently learning vue and react.
Developing virtual platform for events.
Planning for budget tracking App.
Currently live in Kolkata in India.
Sorry I don’t have any pet :frowning:


Hi, I am Carlos from Barcelona, involved on programming for the last 15 years.
I’m a es6/typescript/angular freelancer, but also interested on node, nestjs, graphql.

What’s your current stack?

  • MERN
    What are you learning right now?
  • JavaScript state and testing
    What are you working on?
  • portfolio small projects
    Where do you live?
  • LA Cali

Hi, my name is Vicent (preferred pronouns he/him) I am from Valencia and I am currently working for a Machine Learning Research Group in the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).

My IT journey started after graduating in the UPV, I joined a big consulting firm for 7 years and acted as Technical Architect, Infrastructure management and for a year liaison with the developer team in India. For personal and professional issues I decided to leave this firm and do a masters degree in Machine Learning at the UPV. After the masters I ended up winning a scholarship and doing my PhD (which I defended last January).

My work right now consists of developing web front ends and back ends (which I have basically learned here and in a course in another learning web) to showcase the Machine Learning technology we have developed half of the time and in the other half I code Machine Learning stuff in C++.

Hi y’all!!