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What’s your current stack?
What are you learning right now?
What are you working on?
What’s your current side project?
Where do you live?
Share a picture of your favorite pet!


Hi, I am Thomas. Formerly the team lead for AngularJS Material and the lead architect for @angular/flex-layout, I have had the privilege to be an EggHead.io instructor with Aaron Frost. Egghead.io totally rocks and is an amazing resource. I love creating web solutions and guiding teams on best practices. Reactive programming (rxjx), Ionic, and React are my current passions. Hi everyone!~


I’m Pabba from Singapore. I work on MERN Stack and also integrating Natural language Applications.

Hi, I am Rishi, Front-End developer from New Delhi, India. I am currently working with Expedia and using ReactJS, GraphQL, Apollo and NodeJS for developing web apps.

I am currently learning Gatsby, GraphQL schema design, React Suspense from Egghead.

I want to learn Rust, Tensorflow JS and D3.js in 2020. I also want to improve myself in measuring/improving web application performance, CSS3 and migration to new React suspense version…hope new React will be awesome.

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Hey Folks,

This is Sagar and am from the Silicon Valley of India i.e Bangalore. I come from the CMS side of things and work on the Adobe Experience Manager. I am working on becoming a full stack developer- MEAN is current area of interest. My current side project is to create a search.I don’t have a pet but atleast this is what I am surely going to have on my desk.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Hi, I’m Adam from Brisbane, Australia, working on Angular/Ionic/Node and React for long and got good exposure of commercial projects. Purpose of joining egghead to scale my exposure to other areas and interact with community, interested to learn more from different experiences and share my experience with others.

Hope this journey will be interesting with all of you.

Hello everyone!

Hanisah here. I’m a software developer based in Kuala Lumpur, MY. I enjoy exploring various technologies and learn how to utilize them. Recently, I’ve been doing learning on JAMstack and exploring on the topic of native mobile development vs. running app via webapp. Eventually, leading me to the topic of PWA. I look forward to learning from everyone here.

Twitter: @HanisahKZ. See you around and Happy 2020!

Hi everyone! I’m Felipe Valdes and I have broad experience working as a Team/Tech Lead with the following technologies:
Back-end, Cloud, & Front-end.

My favorite stack: MERN

Top items in my topic backlog: Reactive Programming (RX) & WebAssembly+Rust

Outside of the office he´s a family man father of a little boy and likes to exercise, create side projects(IT) and go to the movies with his wife.

Hi, I’m Martin from Slovakia.

For past 4 years I’ve been working mostly with Angular professionally.
I’m working on a side project for my friend right now, it’s build on Angular, Angular Material, and AngularFire.
I’m learning mostly Firebase right now, but everyday I learn something new from whatever I need.

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Hi Guys! Nahuel from Argentina here.

Currently working as a frontend web developer, focused on React :slight_smile:

In the current year I want to explore backend technologies for side projects

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hii, I’m Marvelous. Aspiring full stack developer.

Hello! I’m Marvelous from Nigeria. Aspiring full stack developer. I have knowledge of HTML, CSS JAVASCRIPT AND NODE. Hoping to move to REACT soon.

Hi family!

Hi folks! :wave:t2: New person here.

My current stack is quite a bit of JavaScript (mostly Vue) and Ruby on Rails (great framework).
I’m interested in learning more about React, GraphQL, Elm and more functional programming stuff.
I’m working on a small project in Elm just so I can get into the mindset for pure functions.
I live in London for now. :uk:


Hi everyone :wave: I’m Stefanos. I’m a developer based in NYC working with JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, React, Redux, SQL, CSS, and PostgreSQL. I’m currently working on improving my depth of knowledge with this stack and specifically learning better testing practices and strategies and design patterns. My current side project is a full-stack application using rails as my backend and react/redux as my front-end and Postgres. I’m actually having trouble with it smh any help would be awesome lol. :sweat_smile: Also I’m on the twitters at @StefanosUgbit Looking forward to learning and or collaborating with you all. I’m glad to be a part of the egghead community.

I am Nitesh, completing my masters next month in Cincinnati, USA. Earlier, I have worked for about 6 years in India as Front end developer. Now, I am looking for job opportunities as Fullstack Web Developer in California.

My current stack is MEAN and I wanted to improve my skills in MEAN stack, Vue.js, React.js, Docker. Also, I am currently learning Advanced Javascript, Javascript Patterns, Angular 8. I am doing some simple exercises to get my practice on MEAN,

I am here to learn as much as I can to be well equipped for the interviews in my job hunt.

Hi ! I am Pablo, from Mendoza , Argentina, I am a full stack dev, I worked with RoR, React/Redux , Vuejs/Vuex, GrpahQL, I used to code on Java also …
I really enjoy EggHead content ,… today I really enjoy Vuejs / React and Javascript
Hi everyone !!

Moin (what people from Hamburg say instead of “Hi!”)!

My name is Albert, live in Hamburg, Germany, work at SkySails, just started as Front End Engineer and working with React, Redux, Firebase, Jest and Cypress.

I am still learning React Hooks and Redux in more depth.
In my spare time I work on a React/Firebase project (ciceroic.web.app) that I started during my front end boot camp.

I am a pet lover, though I don’t have one and don’t intend to get one in the city. Maybe, later on, if I move to the countryside.

Looking forward to view more egghead content. Keep the good work up!

Hello my name is Raul I live in Mexico City. I am currently working on React JS which I love, and using Codesandbox to launch small prototypes. I just learned about egghead really liked Dan Abramov free introductory Redux course. Right now I’m working on the second version of a data analytics platform in my startup. As a side project and to pay for my main project I’m developing a management platform for an insurance business as part of an investment agreement. I want to develop more robust skills using React Hooks, React Suspense, RxJS and Redux, also get some proficiency in D3 for better data visualization.

Hello, I’m Ike a Software Developer working with Vue JS, Node JS and Solidity. I hangout on twitter mostly. I’ve started learning a little bit of RustLang. I am currently working on an on-demand live streaming service https://www.vividiov.com/ . I live in London. I don’t have a favorite pet lol :-).

Hi, I’m Alex. Currently, I’m a technical mentor for Hack Reactor, a full stack JavaScript bootcamp. I teach with the Remote Part Time program, which is a 9 month program. I joined egghead to have access to these great lessons so I can also continue to progress as an engineer.

I’m currently learning about / practicing supercharged dev setups. I’m in the middle of the messy transition from VSCode/terminal/bash to vim/tmux/zsh.

I’m currently also working on my QMK programmable keyboard layout, and so in many ways exploding my muscle memories in several places all at once. It builds character.

My current side project is being a new dad.

My favorite pet is my gergoplex keyboard. So weird…