A few bugs/problems


Just wanted to drop a line for a few problems im seeing in this new community site;

  1. the user ksm is showing up as three people in my latest feed:
    Edit: I just realised this is actually KSM interacting with these posts. It definitely looks like he is posting them, i can’t see a difference between a post/comment in the latest feed

  2. I cannot undo nor can I preview with my topic when posting it (this is just a super nice QOL thing)

  3. I cannot post a new topic in ‘Show and Tell’ or anything else really besides forum support… why not? I can’t see this easily communicated anywhere

I think most of your issues relate to the privilege of posting being exclusive to egghead members and not public.

The Repeated heads of the latest column is definitely an odd design.

Oh! I have to be an egghead member to post?
I couldn’t see that explained somewhere. I could also be blind :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for getting back to me