A Complete Guide to Links and Buttons

I’ve been doing some learning on Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Part of the course has me doing a lot of work on CSS and HTML so I decided to do a little bit of my own research on it when I came across css-tricks. It’s been a great read for me since I haven’t done much with either CSS or HTML in the past.

A quick example would be Jump Links. Adding a reference to an id in a href with a # in front of it, href="#section-2" will jump to that section of your webpage with that id, id="section-2".

I know that’s a bit simple but it goes into great detail about links and buttons and is definitely worth the read.


Thanks for sharing @lucas this was good article!

I really liked the section on accessibility and all of ARIA roles for buttons I didn’t know all of them!


I didn’t know that, that’s really cool!

There’s so much to absorb in that article :star_struck: I didn’t realize the rel attribute did so much. rel="noreferrer" prevents services like google analytics to track that your site is where the link came from.


Thanks for sharing! Very well written and extensive document. One thing that I would recommend also taking a look at is canIuse.com. There are some attributes that you can verify if they will work on all the browsers you are developing for. For example: https://caniuse.com/#search=download


Thanks for sharing @Lucas. This is such a great resource.

I really like Joel’s website: http://joelcalifa.com it’s a great example of how to implement link states (:visited, :active, :focus).


Oh that site is nice :clap: thanks for the share @laurosilva

This repo looks like it’s the functionality behind adding the :visited functionality


I love an exhaustive well written guide on the fundamentals. Thanks for sharing Lucas!