A category for discussing egghead.io main site

Would be handy to have a place to discuss feature requests, bugs and general questions about the main egghead site?


That’s a good suggestion.

We would love to hear any feedback y’all would care to give us and this is a great place to drop those questions/info!

Well, for instance there is no link to the community from the main site??

Not even in the email announcing it I think? I had to google to find it :slight_smile:

That’s actually intentional. When you join egghead it sends an application to participate in the community. We want active invested folks in here participating together and not as much “drive-by” activity if that makes sense.

We’ll adjust that accordingly, and obviously if somebody is curious enough to search and find us that works too!

Thanks for doing that @emil. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

Ah, I see! Makes sense. Maybe somehow flag the user accounts that are active in the community and add a link or maybe even the notification dropdown to the main site just for those users? Nothing urgent of course, but would be nice to be reminded about the community from the main site.

Thing 2 about the site: I would like to see the publish date for courses? Obviously material does get stale sooner or later, would be nice to get a sense of a course’s age from the search result page or at least from the course page. Now I rely on how old the posts in the discussion seem to be…

There are no dates on any of the content because of my stubborn refusal to add them. They are a truly poor indicator of relevance and I’ve been working on other ways to express relevance and minimize the feeling that dates are important. I also realize people are using the comment threads to suss it out, but it’s something I want to continue to work on and I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet.

Really excellent idea of putting reminders on the site. I will definitely add that to the todo list and work on making it clearer.