3D model visualization

So in my continuing quest to work with 3D software to produce 2D card kits, I came across this software - http://xeogl.org/

My plan is to come up with a workflow which allows me to identify a series of parts which make up my 3D model in blender and then use this software to allow end users to visualize the complete 3D model but also select individual parts which are then highlighted on the 3D model. Similar to this - http://xeogl.org/examples/#effects_demo_hoverToSelect

Thinking I would have a key printed on each part that the user could enter which would then highlight the part (and bring it into view). Maybe even a QR code :wink:

This incidentally is a model I built while relaxing in a holiday cottage over Christmas - https://photos.app.goo.gl/q9khKxYsaFBKYkW87 - gives you an idea of the sort of models I am aiming to produce as kits.

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Hello @markbarton, have you tried using Unity, Godot or Unreal for your 3D models visualization? I believe you can publish for web using those game engines.

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Hi @seph1603 - thanks for the suggestion.

I have loaded up Unity - mainly because I can buy cheap models to convert to 2D models, but wow that software looks like something out of the 90s.

Using and learning 3D software is certainly an experience - at the moment I am sticking with blender.