100 Developer Jobs from Companies That Are Still Hiring

With everything that is going on Nader Dabit curated a list of companies still hiring if you or someone you know has been affected take a look at his list


Thanks for sharing it’s been difficult especially as a junior dev :0

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Your welcome @stefanosu422! How long have you been looking?

It’s been a little over six months now I graduated from Flatiron School and have been contributing to some open source and just doing interview prep and studying. I got close a couple of times but didn’t get land it.

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Have you tried networking with people in your area? or at the companies you want to work for?

Yes I’ve been networking with people in meetups and reaching out to people online as well who work in companies that I want to work for. I met some great people and made mentors as well some places said that they weren’t hiring juniors and or that I was a bit to junior at the time.

But I feel like I’ve been making good progress and will land something eventually in the near future just need to improve on some things. I would appreciate any advice that you may have for a junior dev. It’s pretty awesome that you’re an engineer and instructor at egghead.io it’s encouraging for me given the tech industry’s problem with lack of diversity. Thanks in advance and I hope you’re doing well during these times that we’re in.

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That’s good you’ve been doing all those things already. If you haven’t already I would recommend blogging explaining problems you’re solving or making video tutorials as well. It’s really a ton of things you can do. Send me a PM and i’ll see where I can help

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@stefanosu422 just reading through some posts here and saw that you’re struggling to find a job. I created a free email course about the hiring process for developers especially without professional experience. I cover topics like resume optimization, portfolio projects, interviews and coding challenges. I also a have list of related blog posts that might be interesting for you, but I’m not sure how to post a link here.

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@jkettmann Hey, thanks for sharing yes I would be interested in looking into that.

Happy to hear :-)! My website is linked in my profile here. You can find the course in the navigation. And there is a career tag where you can find relevant blog posts. Let me know what you think. I hope it’s helpful to you. And good luck with the job search